The Well Students


The Well Students encompasses grades 6th through 12th. TWS meet on Sunday Nights at 6:00 pm for fellowship, games, and bible study as well as Sunday Mornings at 10:00 AM for small group. 


All too often children and youth are talked about as if they are the future of the church. While we understand the intentions behind that saying, The Well Students realizes that our next generation is not only the future church, but they are also the church right now! With that our student ministry has some simple goals. We desire to see students saved and assured of that salvation. Then we want students to grow in their faith so that their devotion to God is more than just the faith of their parents. In other words, we want students to own their faith. Finally, we want students to be on mission! We are serious about evangelism and calling our students to take part in the awesome work God is doing!

Our Student Ministry is for grades 6th-12th and we offer a Sunday School class and a Sunday Night bible study and discipleship time. During Sunday School, we pray together and then we study the scriptures. Then on Sunday Nights we normally have a time of fellowship, food or snacks, a game, and then a time of bible study! These times of study are different from our main church service in that they are more targeted in their application and they are very interactive. Students are encouraged to speak up if they are comfortable and the goal is that they will not just hear, but understand the message.


Youth Summer Camp - MFuge -  June 3-6, 2024