About Us

If this is your first time visiting HBCAnderson.com, we would like to say welcome. It is our hope that you would find an opportunity to visit one of our worship services in the near future.

When you arrive, please feel free to take one of our Visitors Parking Spaces located on the left side of our sanctuary steps. These spaces are for YOU!

Our Worship is steeped in our traditional Baptist heritage. You will hear many hymns, but you will also hear new praise anthems as we seek to glorify the Lord our God. We do not label ourselves with a style, but seek to worship in ways that resonates with all generations. Our Dress is comfortable. On any given Sunday, you will see our people dressed from coats and ties to jeans and flip flops…not to mention everything in between. Our Theology is biblically conservative. We believe that the Bible is God’s authoritative Word and we do not hide that. Our Focus is on Jesus Christ. We believe that He is the hope and that He is the Lord. We cater to Him. Finally, Our Passion is the church. We love one another and we seek to serve one another as Christ Jesus has served us.

Please come and make yourself at home at Hopewell this Sunday.