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Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all having a wonderful start to your thanksgiving week as you prepare to celebrate a meal and all that you are thankful for with family and friends.  Thank you to Debra for leading our November meeting!

This past Saturday Kenny and I delivered the 3 boxes of food to Haven of Rest that everyone donated for the November Mission Project to help with their Thanksgiving Meal.  They were very grateful and excited!  So, thank you so much for all that you contributed to help them enjoy a wonderful meal this holiday season.

Our December Mission Project is the Angel Tree Kids.  We have a 17 year old and a 19 year old that we will be purchasing for from our WMU funds.
This is their information and the list that they have asked for:

Child MM/13

Age:  19

Race:  Black

Gender:  Maile

Grade:  Adult Ed

Favorite Color(s):  Blue & Red

Shirt Size:  Medium

Pants Size:  30-30

Coat Size:  Large

Shoe Size:  10

Clothing needs:  Pants, Shirts, Shoes, Coat, Socks, Underwear and Hoodies


Football, music and gaming, personal items, gift cards, hoodies and a coat.

Child EEE/31

Age:  17

Race:  White

Gender:  Maile

Grade:  11th

Favorite Color(s):  Blue

Shirt Size:  Men's Large

Pants Size:  34/36

Coat Size:  Large or XL

Shoe Size:  11.5

Clothing Needs:  Specific pants brand (Wranglers)

Needs/wants:  Gift cards to Boot Barn, Academy, Dicks Sporting Goods.

We will be wrapping these at our December 2nd meeting.

We will also have our WMU Christmas party on the 2nd so please bring your favorite finger food to share.

Don’t forget that Orlynne Taylor will be sharing a lesson with us for our December meeting.  I know that God will use her to touch each one who comes, so don’t miss a wonderful blessing.

Please continue to pray for Ed & Cristy, Vicki Sentell, Audrey & Jay, Beverly and all the many others on our prayer lists.

Have a terrific Thanksgiving!

Love in Christ,


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